On the 16 November we had a EU-wide Action Day to campaign for a European Youth Plan and it was a success!

There were more than 110 events in 83 cities in 30 countries and thousands called for a Youth Plan.
To those who joined us in this special day from all over Europe: a big thank you!


Action Days

The next action day will take place on 19 May.
Stay tuned for updates!

What are action days?

In order to raise awareness and mobilize people for the Youth Plan, the campaign organises European-wide 'Action Days'.

During these days, our ambassadors and activists from all over Europe go out on the street to call for a Youth Plan to become a reality and develop campaign actions.


Video of Izola conference - presenting the Youth Plan

Check the video of the workshop about the Youth Plan, organised in Izola, Slovenia, by the SD and the PES, on 6 April 2017.

The PES welcomes UK Labour pledge for free meal at school for every child

The PES supports its British member party declaration that the next Labour Government will introduce free school meal for all primary school pupils. This would be a powerful tool to fight child poverty that still amounts to 28% in the EU and 31% in the UK.

PES and SD gathering youth organisations in Izola, Slovenia

The PES and its Slovenian member party SD will gather dozens of young people at the Slovenian coast in Izola on 6th April to exchange on the PES European Youth Plan.

Less unemployment in Brussels thanks to the Youth Guarantee

Employment rates have grown notably in the Brussels region, to levels it had before the 2008 financial crisis.

This is analysed is a positive result from the implementation by the PS-led regional government of a Youth Guarantee, giving access to young people under 25 years old to an internship, an apprenticeship or further trainings within 6 months. It is considered to be extended.



A "European Culture Cheque": Culture has a transformative power that can help promote social cohesion, solidarity and the engagement of the young in solving social problems. We want young people to have critical thinking, to develop their own ideas, to be independent, creative and able to understand the complexity of the world by themselves...


A permanent European Youth Guarantee: The Youth Guarantee is a European initiative launched by the European Union in April 2013, thanks to the Party of European Socialists. It consists on the guarantee that all young people finishing their education will be offered a job, apprenticeship, traineeship or opportunity for continued education within a four month period, after finishing school or losing their job...


Erasmus for all: The iconic Erasmus international exchange programme is undoubtedly a great example of how Europe can bring added value to its citizens. It is one of the EU’s success stories, offering life-changing exchange opportunities to young people, opening up their minds and helping them build both their European citizenship and future career...


Introducing a European Child guarantee : Children are one of the most vulnerable groups in the face of economic hardship. More than 1 in 4 children in the EU are at risk of poverty or social exclusion. We think they shouldn’t bear the consequences of the crisis and can no longer tolerate this situation.