The PES welcomes UK Labour pledge for free meal at school for every child

The PES supports its British member party declaration that the next Labour Government will introduce free school meal for all primary school pupils. This would be a powerful tool to fight child poverty that still amounts to 28% in the EU and 31% in the UK.

Labour will fund the policy by introducing VAT on private school fees, to benefit the educational attainment and health of all children.

The policy was officially announced on Thursday by Jeremy Corbyn during a visit to Lancashire for his party’s local election campaign. Labour’s leader said at the meeting: “the next Labour Government will provide all primary school children with a free school meal, invest in our schools, and make sure no child is held back because of their background.”

PES President Sergei Stanishev said: “I warmly welcome this initiative of our Labour colleagues. It is a policy in the right direction, to promote the wellbeing of our society. This comes to reinforce the PES campaign for a European Youth Plan. Our plan also calls for a Child Guarantee, for every child to have access to free healthcare, education, childcare, decent housing and adequate nutrition, as part of a European integrated plan to combat child poverty.”